“The Kerala Story” how accurate are the claims, true or false?

The Kerala Story, which is based on the true events of three young girls from different parts of Kerala is in controversy because of the trailer. In this it is clearly showed how, people from ISIS or some other terror organisation come closer to girls who belongs to different religion like, hindu, christian and then forced them to covert into Islam and then trafficked them for terror. All these things we can clearly see in the trailer of this movie, and after the release of this trailer, a controversy has started, and people of specific community “Islam” who doesn’t believe in this are opposing this and on the other hand, remaining people are saying that they “Islamic People” don’t want world to know what exaclty happened in Kerala, just like the movie “The Kashmir Files”. The reference has been heavily criticised, and the Muslim Youth League in Kerala recently announcing a reward of Rs 1 crore for anyone that proves the allegation about 32,000 women.

Now here, the question arise, that is the scenes or the clips shown in the trailer are somehow linked with the reality of Kerala or it is just a hypothetical situation. And, to confirm this we have gone through some document and clips from the past of Kerala. And, we have found that the “Former Chief Minister of Kerala” Mr. “VS achuthanandan”has mentioned the word “Love Jihad” and that in the next 20 years, Kerala will turn into a Muslim-majority state as there was an attempt to influence youngsters to convert to Islam.

That time, Kerala STF has also sent a report to Kerala high court as well which consist the details of over 5000 cases, and on that report High Court clearly stated that all these cases are not linked with any kind of love, affection or feeling. And, also, that time SIMI (Students’ Islamic Movement of India) which is an an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence has made up a plan in 1995 to target middle class and Upper middle class hindu and christian girls and covert them to Islam. The people lives in Kerala also know what is the reality of that time, and Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd has showed us the real image of Kerala during 90’s.

This doesn’t mean that we are targeting specific religion, because we believe in Islamic also we have some great people who are the example like Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam the greatest scientist of India, but we also don’t want to hide the truth, because we also believe that everyone should know the history without any modification.

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