Youtuber Armaan Malik’s wife Payal gave birth to 2 children! true or fake? Check here!

Famous YouTuber Armaan Malik is soon going to be the father of three children. Both his wives are heavily pregnant and can be admitted to the hospital for delivery at any time. Amidst all this there are reports that Armaan Malik has become the father of two children. This news came because of a photo viral on social media. In which Armaan’s first wife Payal with two children in her arms is going viral. After this photo went viral, the fans started congratulating Armaan Malik. Meanwhile, Armaan Malik told what is the truth about these reports.

Armaan Malik’s first wife Payal Malik has broken the silence on this viral photo. Payal said that ‘he has not yet been delivered. Along with this, Payal showed that fake photo in the blog, after which the fans felt that Payal’s delivery was done. Payal laughs while showing this fake photo and says that I will name it now.. You will know when the baby is born. But please do not spread such rumours. At the same time, after Payal, Armaan has also reacted to these reports. Armaan said- ‘Some people are making such fake videos. Do not do this. Whenever there will be children, we will tell you ourselves.

Armaan Malik’s real name is Sandeep, he was a social media influencer and Tik Tok star. He has married his first wife’s friend for the second time and always keeps both the wives together. They remain in discussion by posting their home videos. Which people also see a lot. Let me tell you, Armaan changed his religion to get married for the second time and he became Armaan Malik from Sandeep.

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