Tourist Accidently Spends More On A Single Meal In Bali Than Entire Trip..

Travelling to new destinations and exploring far-off places is something that is always on our bucket list. From beaches to hill stations, there is so much that the world has to offer. While some destinations are extremely luxurious and may cost a bomb, others are relatively easier on the pocket. But maximum of us always plan a trip couple of days back and what they will do in that trip, but sometimes it may happen that the plan trip doesn’t goes according to the plan and we end it spending more money than our budget.

The incident was narrated on a Facebook group called ‘Bali Bogans’. The tourist from Kalgoorlie, Australia was in Bali with his friends. It was the man’s birthday and they decided to order a bottle of wine to celebrate the birthday. “We usually don’t drink wine when in Bali due to the cost and average wine on offer, but this time I decided I would splash out on a bottle of wine given the occasion,” he said in his post.

The Australian group picked out the Domaine Leflaive Chevalier-Montrachet, a 2004 wine that was listed at the bottom of the page. The price tag of the wine was listed at $170++. “Definitely a bit more than I would even pay in Australia but it was a birthday celebration right,” wrote the man in his post. He called the waiter and asked for this specific wine as part of the birthday celebration, “AU$170 isn’t too bad so I said to the waiter, we will have that bottle, please. The waiter paused and said, ‘are you sure sir?'”

The Australian tourist insisted and so the wine was brought to the table. Later, the chef too came out to introduce himself. “I did think at the time it was strange but I just assumed it’s a nice restaurant and didn’t think about it again,” read the post. He then checked the receipt and discovered that the wine did not cost $170, but in fact $1700. This error happened since the prices were listed in hundreds of thousands of Indonesian Rupiah and not tens of thousands. “That meal actually cost more than the entire holiday,” laughed the Australian tourist.

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