Some facts about South Korea will blow your mind.

South Korea: The republic of Korea is also known as South Korea, a country in East Asia. It also shares a land border with North Korea. South Korea claims to be the sole legitimate government of the entire peninsula and adjacent islands. It has a population of 51.75 million, of which roughly half live in the Seoul Capital Area, the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the world.

South Korea is also very popular for its Korean Drama series and songs which are loved globally. Besides the popular reasons for the country’s fame, there are many unique facts about South Korea which will blow your mind.

1. South Koreans are one year old when born: A new born baby is considered one year old in South Korea. People think it’s because the baby is in the mother’s womb for nine months, which is about one year.

2. Number 4 is not lucky: As per south Koreans, the number 4 is not lucky for them and that’s why they don’t have 4 written on public lifts, gates and at other public place.

3. Cosmetic surgery: Koreans are in top 1 when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It’s common knowledge that a portion of South Korea’s population is obsessed with some form of cosmetic surgery. It’s hard to walk down the street in a major city like Seoul in South Korea and not see a sign for 성형외과 (seonghyeongoegwa), which means “plastic surgery.”

4. Internet is blazing fast: Wherever you are in the world, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of slow internet at some point. Whether it’s from being remote or having periodic issues with your internet service provider, internet connectivity problems can be a serious inconvenience and put anybody in a bad mood. That being said, you’re in for a virtual treat when you visit South Korea! On average, South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed, and they’re beating every other country’s internet speed by a significant amount.

5. Both Men and Women are obsessed with makeup: Makeup is easy to fall in love with — it’s a ton of fun experimenting with different makeup styles and transforming your face for special events. It also lets many people who are insecure about parts of their appearance feel more comfortable in their skin on a day-to-day basis. What’s less well known is that men and women alike wear makeup in South Korea — there is no stigma about men wearing makeup, so some men wear significantly more makeup than women here! Everybody wants to put their best face forward, and makeup plays a big part in that.

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